Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Arctic Pals: Inuit and Arctic Animal Craftivities

Wow!! Did everyone survive the arctic weather in Eastern Canada last week!! It was sooooooooooo cold! Thank goodness the students had indoor recess on those very cold days (I was on supervision!). My daughter cracked me up on Saturday … as we went into the car Saturday morning, to go to her figure skating classes … Olivia said to me “Mommy, it’s warm out today!!!!” HHhhmm…Wow… did I  laugh!!! Okay, yes! It was warmer … -13 degrees warmer … everything is relative, I guess!!
On that note, I have have been working on an arctic unit with my class. We began with a study on Inuits, and now we are learning about arctic animals. They are loving it!!
Look at these cuties:



Don’t you just love them!!! They kids are having a blast creating them! They are adding all sorts of outdoor gear on them (hats, scraves, mittens, snowshoes!!) So much ARCTIC FUN!!!


You need to check them out at my TPT store!
Keep warm, my sweet friends! Hopefully, the Mr. Groundhog has some good news!!


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