Saturday, 29 November 2014

Cyber Monday

Hi everyone!! Thanks for popping in!
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We have teamed up with GoNoodle to share some of the ways you can use GN in YOUR classroom! Of course, we have lots of things to giveaway too!!!!!

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Lucky to Be in First

I use GoNoodle in MANY different ways in my classroom, but here is how I get some of those reluctant Go Noodlers .. to noodle in my classroom!

1 - My GoNoodle policy is that you don't have to dance or copy everything they are doing on the screen, but you do have to MOVE! I encourage my toughest noodlers to march, jump, walk in place ... they can't just sit in their seats.

2 - Know your NOODLERS! Not all of my students like the same things, but I am getting to know what make some of my toughest noodlers wiggle! This is important! One of our class favorites is 'Boom Chicka Boom' from The Learning Station! It's a hoot!

3 - V.I.P. Noodler - My V.I.P. Noodler gets to pick our brain breaks for the day! My students love this. They can't wait for their turn! I suit them up in some GO NOODLE gear, and they walk around the classroom encouraging their friends to noodle! I find that even my toughest noodlers are so anxious to pick our songs and get Maximo on the screen!

4 - Noodler of the Day - I try to pick one student everyday, that I feel that has given GoNoodle all of their heart and soul!

5 - All Star Noodler - The students in my class love our weekly All Star Noodler! One student a week gets to be our All Star Noodler ... they basically get to have a solo in the middle of the room ... while we all all cheer them on ... sometimes there are even showdowns between a couple of All Star Noodlers! LOVE IT!

6 - You need to check out Casey Jane' from Wiggling Scholars and her ...

Of course, GoNoodle has got you covered...

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In addition to new t-shirts, tumblers, and other goodies for GoNoodling teachers, you can purchase affordable, pre-wrapped gift packs for students to bring a little GoNoodle love to your classroom this holiday.

I am so excited to tell you that I get to give one lucky reader a classroom supply of GoNoodle Headbands!

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It's time to keep on hopping! All of my Primary Powers friends have some great swag to give away AND amazing ideas to share. Be sure to stop by Primary Powers for a chance to win the grand prize!. A FREE subscription to GoNoodle PLUS!

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You can read all about how Sarah uses GoNoodle to calm her students!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Primary Powers Launch

I am so EXCITED to tell of you all about Primary Powers! It's a collaborative blog that I am proud to be a part of! There are so many amazing and inspiring bloggers and teachers working together to share wonderful ideas with all of you! 

Today is our big DAY!!! We are finally launching our blog, and are very excited to get it started! To welcome all of you to our new blog, we have an AMAZING giveaway going on!

Stop by Primary Powers today through the 21st to enter to win FABULOUS prizes!

And the news gets even better because we are celebrating the launch of Primary Powers with an exclusive deal with Educents!

21 instant downloads, over 1,000 pages of materials that are ready to use, and variety of topics to pull your through months of teaching!  $100.75 retail value available for a limited time for $29.99 which is 70% off!  EXTREME VALUE ALERT!!!

Concepts covered are:  addition, subtraction, graphing, time, money, reading, fluency, spelling, writing, close reading, grammar, story element in fiction and nonfiction, and much, much more!  

Products are thematically correct for the upcoming seasons!  
- spiders and camping for October
- turkeys, Thanksgiving, scarecrows for November
- winter, penguins, the holidays, and New Years for December

Other great items include:
- a calendar that could be used as a parent gift
- a data folder to track student growth
- literacy and math centers
- printables
- units of study

Check out the previews below...     

So don't forget to stop by Primary Powers and get some SUPER ideas!
Here's to Primary Powers and BEYOND!!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Reading and Writing Helpers

I love this time of year ... and it's not ONLY because the leaves are changing colors!!! It's because it's the time of the year, when my firsties begin to see themselves as readers and writers! It's so magical to see that special smile, when "things" begin to click for them ... I just LOVE it! However, it's also the most demanding time of the year, as well! These little cuties are not as "independent" as we would like them to be. "Mrs. Leslie ... how do you spell "this" ... how do you spell "that" .... " It can be exhausting.

It is so important to provide your students with all of the necessary tools for them to become independent readers and writers!!! This is why I created my "Reading &Writing Helpers" tool!

I created two charts: an alphabet chart and a sound chart. I used the same graphics that are displayed on the posters around my classroom.

I also created a sight word list. These are words that they will eventually master and spell on their own ... EVENTUALLY ... right? LOL!!!

I then glued them into a file folder, and it became an awesome tool for my students to use for any reading and writing activity.

Hopefully, your students will find it helpful, too!


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Five For Friday

Today, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching , for some Friday fun!

Where did July go? I swear, it just flew by .. I can't believe that I have 24 days left until I go back to school, and 24 days left of my maternity leave! Time flies ... when you have four kids! Little Xander and I had a FANTASTIC year together! His smile makes me giggle inside and out!

I haven't been to a concert in a VERY long time .. and this week, I got to see two concerts.  I went to go see JT (notice the capitals!!) and Bruno Mars, my two favorite artists, EVER!! These two HOTTIES, are amazing performers! I danced, my heels off !! Yes, probably not one of my smartest moves ...wearing heels to a concert (I did that in Vegas, too! You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson by now ... apparently NOT!) but I did it, and 6 days later ... I still feel the FUN! 

I did some cross border shopping AGAIN, and got me some more teacher swag! Gosh, Target is so much better when you have to wait at customs .. for an hour .. to buy stickers, stamps, and laminating pouches!!!
I love me, my cross border shopping sprees!

On top getting ready to go back to school, we are moving in 14 days! Yes, folks ... WE ARE NUTS!! I have 14 days left to pack a lot of stuff! Overwhelming you say .. YES.. but I can do it!! Sleep is an understatement ... wine is a MUST!!!

The TPT Back To School Sale is just around the corner!!
Get your cards, ready to SHOP and CHING!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

What Happens in Vegas ...

Hello Everyone!!
I can't believe that I went to Vegas last week. It was one of the most inspiring and exciting trips of my life! I went with my best friend Nicole from Today in Second Grade, and my other buddy Val from All Students Can Shine! I won't lie to all of you,  it was tough leaving my four children and Mr. Leslie behind, but I did it ... and I am proud of ME! We were gone for a total of 6 days! I have never done that before .. but it was really worth it! I feel SUPERCHARGED!!! LOL!!!

The first night we arrived, we got dressed in a hurry and went to TAO for a scrumptious late night dinner! Definitely, a great way to kick start our trip!

The SDE & TPT conferences were sensational. At one point I had to just breathe ... and pinch myself, just to make sure that I was really there. I learned so much!! I met some of the most inspirational bloggers, EVER!!! I felt star struck by Deanna Jump, Rachel Smith and Cara Caroll, Kim Adsit, Jennifer White, Erica Bohrer, Kaci Hoffer, Greg Smedly and Corinna just to name a few!

The TPT Happy Hour was a blast! I had a couple glasses of wine (maybe more than a couple!!!), got to unwind a bit, and chat with Sarah Kirby and my pals!!!

I also got to meet Nicki from Nicki's Notepad! She is so sweet!! I loved chatting away with her!! We really hit it off!!

How did we manage to add in a little shopping, an excursion to the Grand Canyon, and a MOTOWN show??? Good Question!!!

OMG!! I can't believe that I got to experience the Grand Canyon with my BESTIE!!! It was surreal!! When I got into the helicopter, I had a bit of a FREAK OUT moment ... but managed to keep my eyes open for most of the trip! Nothing beats a glass of champagne at 9 o'clock in the morning, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! That sure took my jitters away!!

The Motown Show was just a B-L-A-S-T!! There is a cute story about how we got tickets to the show (I will leave that for another time!!!) Mr. Foster, you rock.. WHAT AN HONOR!! I think that I sang and danced for the entire hour and a half!! (I wore flats .. thank goodness!) It brought me back to such special times in my life .. I remember dancing to so many of these songs, with my mom and dad.. I really enjoyed listening to the hotties from Human Nature .. they are so talented!! They were definitely eye candy, and ... pretty sweet to my ears, too! 

On another note.. my husband sent me this picture, during one of the conferences .. and this message.... 

"Babe, what time does Julian take a nap?!!??"

LOL!!! OIE!!!!

This trip was out of this world! PHENOMENAL !!! So much learning, laughter, and INSPIRATION!!! What an action packed week!! I can't wait for next year!!