Friday, 10 October 2014

Reading and Writing Helpers

I love this time of year ... and it's not ONLY because the leaves are changing colors!!! It's because it's the time of the year, when my firsties begin to see themselves as readers and writers! It's so magical to see that special smile, when "things" begin to click for them ... I just LOVE it! However, it's also the most demanding time of the year, as well! These little cuties are not as "independent" as we would like them to be. "Mrs. Leslie ... how do you spell "this" ... how do you spell "that" .... " It can be exhausting.

It is so important to provide your students with all of the necessary tools for them to become independent readers and writers!!! This is why I created my "Reading &Writing Helpers" tool!

I created two charts: an alphabet chart and a sound chart. I used the same graphics that are displayed on the posters around my classroom.

I also created a sight word list. These are words that they will eventually master and spell on their own ... EVENTUALLY ... right? LOL!!!

I then glued them into a file folder, and it became an awesome tool for my students to use for any reading and writing activity.

Hopefully, your students will find it helpful, too!



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