Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Organization Blog Hop

Is everyone ready for another fantastic blog hop hosted by the gals from Primary Powers?

It's that time of year, when everyone needs a little boost to get them going until Spring Break! I know that I need all of the "boosts" that I could get ... so I'm going to share how I use my V.I.P.'s in my classroom. ...

I love it when the students help me throughout the day!!! I used to have a "Classroom Jobs" bulletin board .. but it took up a lot of space. I have very limited bulletin board space in my classroom, and I felt that it was not working out for me. It stressed me out!! I simply had too many jobs! I also was not very good at rotating the students. That's when I came up with my V.I.P's of the day! My "VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE"!!!

I select two students a day ... and they basically do everything for me ... They are like my assistants ... my "MINI PROFS!" as we might say in French! We go over some of the important "jobs/tasks" that I need help with over the course of the day ... passing out, collecting, sweeping, office, chairs ... You say it, annnnnnddd they do it!! They are so eager to be the "V.I.P's", that they pretty much want to do everything!!

I framed these two posters in my classroom, and use Crayola's Window Writers to change the names of my V.I.P.'s daily. I keep a boy's class list and a girl's class list near by .. and simply go down the list. My students love how predictable it is, and they keep me organized as to whose turn it is! They don't let me forget who comes next, that's for sure!!!!

Give it a try! You'll love it!!

If you missed anything and want to start over ... this is where it all begins ...

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Groundhog Day

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure how ya'll are feeling about winter right now, but I think that I am DONE!!! It has been sooooooooo cold up here lately ... that I can't take it anymore. I'm ready for everything to just melt and spring to be on it's merry way.

The great thing is that time is on our side ... January is flying by! I can't believe that Groundhog day is just around the corner. I'm really hoping that cute little furry creature, predicts an early spring (fingers and toes crossed)!!! The problem is that when I really want something bad enough ... it never usually happens  ... but it's worth hoping for!!! Snow, cold, GO AWAY!!!